Let us minimise outdoor waiting

Motsee is a community-based platform for connecting moving people and services.
Join other drivers in your area and show your availability on map for public.



Together lets eliminate long waiting hours on the road

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Together, lets eliminate the long waiting hours on the road and
the idle hours the drivers wait for a traveler

  • To provide information of services on move so that customers find you
  • To get alerted when your favourite driver comes near you
  • To locate your dear ones are if they are on constant move
  • To spot your staff on move
  • Open directory of local services
  • Break Free
  • Save favorite movers
  • Set alerts for your moving services when they come near you.
  • Send your location

FAQ About The App

  • How can motsee help me?
  • Motsee is the new way to discover and contact moving people and services around your area. You just need to open motsee with your location and turn on the internet. Motsee will show you who all are around you. You can filter the category of services and pick the closest or most trustable driver. With motsee you can save long waiting hours on roads.
  • As a Driver of a moving service How can I use motsee?
  • Whether its Taxi, Auto, moving vegetables/grocery, ambulance etc. one can easily list their services in a few steps so that consumers can find nearby moving services quickly.
    Drivers needs to switch on GPS on their mobile device and click the motsee "tracking on" button to list/unlist their services on a map for public.
    As a driver you can save your return trip by swiching on motsee and waiting if anyone around you need your service. Also it saves your idle/waiting time if you switch tracking on and allow users to find you quickly.
    Warning: Switching on GPS and Tracking might drain batter faster. So it is recommended to keep divers' phone connected to charging port
  • What is motsee's mission?
  • To bring smart people collaborating to build real-time information about moving services around them.This is a service for the public and by the public and its succes depends on building the collaboration. Lets together, lets eliminate long waiting hours on the road
  • Do I need to take any precautions while using motsee?
  • Since motsee is an open platform, its quality and credibility is rated and judged soley by the public. One can look at the photo andothers' rating to pick the services and also help us in rating the services after your travel or call experience.
    Your phone number is visible to other parties when you make a call.This is a service for the public and by the public.
  • How can I use motsee to tack my sales team?
  • Motsee is planning to come up with a favorite feature where you can add your team members as favorites (with their approval). Then it becomes easy for you to know where your favorite contacts are.


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